No Wagering Requirements is Best for Bonus Hunters

If you are one of the many hard-working Canadians who likes to spend your entertainment budget on online gambling once in a while, you might be surprised to know that there are casinos that have no minimums.

No Wagering Requirements is Best

Since so many online casinos exist out there, you need to find which ones are the best. A sure way to do that is to examine what they have to offer compared to other websites. One of the simplest but significant advantages is if they have no minimums.

What is a Minimum Wager?

Casinos want your money. One way that a betting house can ensure they get more money, especially if a game has a lower advantage for the house, is to implement a high wager. But you want the casino's money. The best casinos let you bet as little as you want.

No restrictions on how much you bet can benefit you both if you win or even if you happen to lose. If you lose, you won't have lost as much if there had been a high ante. If you win, then you can keep on playing, and betting less each time means you can stretch your money farther.

Why Have a Minimum?

As was mentioned above, the casino wants to be able to keep as much of your money as possible. Another reason that casinos implement high wagers is to thin the crowd - aka, they are being exclusive. If you aren't willing to fork over the amount they are asking for, then don't give that casino your business. Instead, search for one that has no such requirements.

Another reason that websites implement such restrictions is in conjunction with their bonuses. For example, if you find a sign-up bonus for $100 in free credit, but then you find out that you have to bet $20 at a time, well then you won't be able to make that money go very far which will limit your chances at winning.

Just because a site has an offer you seemingly can't refuse, doesn't mean that it's all it is cracked up to be. Look for the best casinos that have fewer strings attached to their promotions.


The game that really benefits from having no restrictions is slots. If you bet higher amounts each time, then you stand to lose more. For example, if you are required to put down $5 and your return is 95%, then you are losing $.25 each spin. However, if you can bet what you want and you put down $.50 with a 95% return, then you are only losing 2.5 cents a spin. That will keep you playing longer and give you more chances to win big.

Speaking of winning big, remember that you can win the jackpot whether you put the smallest amount down or the biggest amount. So, if you want to keep the thrill of hitting it rich going, look for the best Canadian casinos that offer no minimums.

Play Smart

Online gambling establishments that have no stipulations about how much you have to gamble can also help you keep to your budget. When a high bet is in place, you can burn through cash pretty quickly. When that happens, but you haven't experienced the thrill of winning yet, you might be tempted to play "just one more game." This could lead to you losing more than you can afford. If, on the other hand, you were able to stretch your money out longer, your appetite for playing will be gone by the time you've reached your limit.

With no minimum wagers required at the best Canadian casinos, you can spend more time playing, give yourself more chances to win, and take control of how much you are willing to spend.

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